5 reasons to use a personal trainer.

5 reasons to use a personal trainer.

Whether you’re a person who does Barry’s Bootcamp, pilates at home, or endless strength training exercises, the arguably best way to get and stay in shape is using a personal trainer. The Motto team can think of about a million reasons you should be using a personal trainer, but here are 5 we narrowed it down to.

1.) Personal trainers have the power to educate you and perfect your form. Every trainer must go through a personal trainer certification program that gives them the proper skillset to teach you safe & sustainable movements and techniques for all unique human needs. Most of our trainers on Motto go through multiple personal trainer certification programs and are always continuing their education.

2.) Fitness coaches cater to your body & personal needs.
As a client, your personal trainer you have the flexibility to share with him your unique fitness goals. Your trainer has the time & attention to give you an assessment of your body and come up with a functional strength training program to help you reach your goals safely! This 1 on 1 attention is something that you unfortunately will not get at your local boutique fitness class.

3.) Personal Trainers are your built-in accountability buddy!
Personal trainers are there to keep you accountable & motivated. It’s easy to wake up and just skip the gym or that pilates class you signed up for days earlier. However, a personal trainer will message you to ensure you show up, make sure you don’t skip any reps, and push you to go further & harder!

4.) They minimize time wasted & maximize results!
It is very easy to get a fitness rut doing the same things over & over again and not see proper results. With a trainer, you will do different movements every session while always working toward your goals. You get 1 on 1 attention pushing you throughout the whole workout which maximizes results.

5.) They make your mental well-being a priority
Personal trainers can very easily also become like a therapist for you. They make sure you are healthy both mind and body. Trainers will give you positive reinforcement and words of encouragement that help strengthen your mind and body at the same time!

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